Coronavirus and Heart Disease

While most people have been talking about the impact COVID-19 has had on the lungs and the resulting respiratory issues, as more data is gathered about the disease, we’re discovering that not only can it have an impact on the heart but that people who suffer from heart disease are at higher risk for complications from getting the novel coronavirus. According to a study of more than 44,000 covid-positive patients, only 4.2% had cardiovascular disease, but they accounted for almost a third of the deaths.

The Relationship Between Hearts and Lungs

Your heart can impact your breathing. Your heart and lungs are partners in your overall health. Your lungs and heart work in conjunction with each other to make sure your entire body and brain have the oxygenated blood it needs to thrive. Because of this symbiotic relationship, both your heart health and your lung health contribute to your breathing health.

The Heart – Coronavirus Connection

Not only do people with heart disease and other heart conditions tend to have a weakened immune system but their hearts are already working harder to circulate oxygenated blood. Add the respiratory stress from COVID-19 to the mix, and the heart may be forced to work harder than it is able to. Some early research is also showing that this strain of coronavirus, like others, can destabilize plaque in arteries, causing a blockage and potentially putting people at higher risk for a heart attack. COVID-19 can be even more serious for people with heart disease. People over the age of 65 with coronary heart disease or hypertension are developing more serious symptoms and should therefore take stringent precautions – stay at home, have someone deliver groceries to your porch or garage, maintain social distance – to avoid being exposed.

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