What Exercises are Easy on my Joint Pain?

Joint Pain Exercises

When you suffer with joint pain, you could feel tempted to skip exercise. However, the right forms of exercise are not only gentle on joint pain, but can actually sometimes help you reduce your symptoms.

Some exercises can aid you by making surrounding muscles stronger, thus making it easier for joints to move with less effort. Others will help you to lose weight, which reduces the overall pressure on each joint. Still others can help keep the joints lubricated and agile. Good joint pain exercises include:


As a light and low-impact aerobic exercise, walking is one of the best options for general health and wellness. Walking has a pronounced effect on weight loss and cardiovascular health, yet it produces very little stress on the sensitive joints of the knees when walking on even terrain.


Swimming is perhaps the perfect cardiovascular exercise for anyone with joint pain. The water itself supports your joints while minimizing discomfort, leaving them “weightless.” All you need to do is select strokes that do not aggravate your condition.


Low-intensity cycling can be a good selection if you have joint pain other than in your legs and knees. Here, the lower body does the majority of the work while the upper body maintains balance. If your knees are sensitive, be sure to maintain a relaxed pace.

Strength Training

Strength training and resistance exercises such as weight lifting and various machines at the gym can support overall joint health. When strength exercises are targeted to the problem area, they allow the muscles to support joints more easily and reduce overall discomfort when in motion.

Yoga and Tai Chi

Exercise routines focused on gentle movements, such as yoga, are perfect for the joints. They do not require sharp or repetitive motions that can aggravate joint inflammation. Done in a proper sequence and on a regular basis, they gradually make joints more flexible and resilient.

Range of Motion Exercises

As the name suggests, range of motion exercises are intended to maintain and enhance flexibility around a given joint or muscle group. The simplest range of motion exercises involve stretching the arm gently to the side, then reaching directly overhead, then reaching across the body.

There are range of motion exercises that target virtually any area:

  • Elbows: With palm facing forward, simply bend the elbow. Touch the shoulder with fingertips.
  • Wrist: Move your hand from side to side. Perform circular motions one way, then the other.
  • Fingers: Make a tight fist, then open the hand fully. Then stretch the hand as far as possible.

Appropriate exercise can help you maintain and even restore joint health. However, if joint pain is a frequent concern, it is important to get the advice you need from a qualified physician.

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